Canada's National Representative in the  International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL)

​​Canadian Kettlebell Alliance

Team Canada

IUKL World Championship

Seoul, Korea 2018

Team Placing 7th Overall

Solomon Macys - Bronze, Men's Amateur Longcycle
Slava Petlitsa - Bronze, Men's Professional Longcycle / Silver, Men's Veteran (45-49) Longcycle
Mike Read - 5th, Men's Amateur Longcycle / Gold, Men's Veteran (55-59) Longcycle
Todd Schweb - Silver, Men's Amateur Biathlon / Bronze, Men's Veteran (40-44) Biathlon
Bradley Talbot - 6th, Men's Amateur Longcycle / 7th, Men's Veteran (40-44) Longcycle
Taylor Carle - 4th, Women's Amateur OALC
Heather Kilius - Silver, Women's Professional OALC / Silver, Women's Amateur Snatch
Rhonda Kuiper - 11th, Women's Amateur Longcycle Trial
Holli Mack - Bronze, Women's Amateur OALC
Renee Martynuik - Bronze, Women's Professional Snatch / Gold, Women's Veteran (40-44) Snatch
Lisa Pitel-Killah - 4th, Women's Amateur Snatch / Gold, Women's Veteran (40-44) Snatch
Rachel Robertson - Gold, Women's Professional OALC / Gold, Women's Amateur Snatch
Corissa Sivorot - Gold, Women's Amateur Longcycle Trial / 4th, Women's Amateur Snatch
Pamela Wheat - 5th, Women's Amateur Snatch / Gold, Women's Veteran (50-54) Snatch
Jean Whitney - 6th, Women's Amateur OALC / Bronze, Women's Veteran (55-59) OALC / 9th, Women's Amateur Snatch / Bronze, Women's Veteran (55-59) Snatch
Men's Veteran Relay Roster:
Slava Petlitsa/Mike Read/Todd Schweb/Bradley Talbot /Chris Guyll

Team Canada ​

IUKL World Championships

Dublin, Ireland 2015

Team Placing 10th Overall

CKA Representative Linda Gilmour

Tema Canada Lifters

Misty Shearer - Gold Women's Amateur & Veteran Snatch

Renee Martynuik 

Kathryn Goldbeck - Gold Veteran Snatch

Charlie Fornelli - 4th Mens Professional Biathlon

Slava Petitsa - Bronze Ventrans Longcycle

Jed Nagy - Silver Mens Amateur Longcycle

Solomon Macys

Jessica Marchand

Jena Whitney

Mandi Bartkow

Rachel Robertson

Carissa Sivorot

Kendra Falkenberg

Kim Kelly

Team Canada

IUKL World Championship

Aktobe, Kazakhstan 2016

Lisa Pitel-Killah - Silver Women's Amateur & Gold Veteran Snatch

Pamela Wheat - Gold Women's Veteran

Jeff Thornhill


Team Canada

IUKL World Championship

Hamburg, Germany 2014

Charlie Fornelli - Bronze medal - 85kg weight class, 32kg Longcycle

Linda Gilmour - Silver medal - Veteran Class (40-44)

Jean Whitney - Bronze medal - Veteran Class (50-54)

Tijanne Ross (junior lifter) - 3rd place among Junior lifters