Canada's National Representative in the  International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL)


Photos here are courtesy of the CKA's extended kettlebell family across North America.  Images here are from the following AKA competitions:

Victoria Kettlebell Classic - May 2014

IUKL World Cup, Las Vegas, NV - September 2014

CKA Canadian Nationals - July 2015 Edmonton, AB

Images will be updated as they are submitted. 

Video Interviews

IUKL 2015 World Championships Review from Ballistic Strength Nanaimo​

#teamfoundry liftsat 2015 IUKL World Championships

Charlie Fornelli - All American Record Holder

Steven Khuong - Head Coach of The Ice Chamber (Richmond, CA)

Surya Voinar-Fowler & Jennifer Cord - Masters of Sport from Ice Chamber

Charlie Fornelli - at the IUKL World Cup in Las Vegas

Video Performances

Misty Shearer - Canadian Record Longcycle, September 2014, IUKL World Cup Las Vegas

Renee Martynuik (2) & Kathryn Golbeck (4) - Masters of Sport, May 2014, Victoria Kettlebell Classic

Linda Gilmour - Candidate for Master of Sport, February 2014, West Coast Classic, San Francisco, CA

Kathryn Golbeck & Charlie Fornelli - OKC Competition 2014, Vancouver, BC

Promotional Videos

Victoria Kettlebell Classic

A Journey into Kettlebell Sport in Canada

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