Video Interviews

IUKL 2015 World Championships Review from Ballistic Strength Nanaimo​

#teamfoundry liftsat 2015 IUKL World Championships

Charlie Fornelli - All American Record Holder

Steven Khuong - Head Coach of The Ice Chamber (Richmond, CA)

Surya Voinar-Fowler & Jennifer Cord - Masters of Sport from Ice Chamber

Charlie Fornelli - at the IUKL World Cup in Las Vegas

Video Performances

Misty Shearer - Canadian Record Longcycle, September 2014, IUKL World Cup Las Vegas

Renee Martynuik (2) & Kathryn Golbeck (4) - Masters of Sport, May 2014, Victoria Kettlebell Classic

Linda Gilmour - Candidate for Master of Sport, February 2014, West Coast Classic, San Francisco, CA

Kathryn Golbeck & Charlie Fornelli - OKC Competition 2014, Vancouver, BC

Promotional Videos

Victoria Kettlebell Classic

A Journey into Kettlebell Sport in Canada

​​Canadian Kettlebell Alliance


Photos here are courtesy of the CKA's extended kettlebell family across North America.  Images here are from the following AKA competitions:

Victoria Kettlebell Classic - May 2014

IUKL World Cup, Las Vegas, NV - September 2014

CKA Canadian Nationals - July 2015 Edmonton, AB

Images will be updated as they are submitted. 

Canada's National Representative in the  International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL)