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CKA  Ranks

All CKA events follow the Rank Tables approved by The AAKA and sanctioned by The IUKL

Following are the ranking tables for all AAKA lifts. Note that, in order to achieve CMS/MS/MSIC, the lifter’s platform set must be counted by an accredited judge at a sanctioned event according to AKAA rules and regulations.

The tables show the number of lifts necessary to complete in 10 minutes (in biathlon – in both jerk and snatch).
Biathlon consists of jerk and snatch.
The sport title of MSIC is awarded starting from the age of 16, MS – from 15, CMS rank – from 14.
MS and MSIC rank is awarded for accomplishing the rank requirements at the competition level no lower than National or International level.

Must be CMS to rank for MS. Must for MS to rank to MSWC
(Biathlon Score = 1 point jerk + 0.5 point snatch)
(Long Cycle Score = 1 point clean and jerk)

2018 Rank Tables

2016 Update for CKA, who are under the AAKA. 

Here is an update regarding the process for achieving official rank and setting official records within the AAKA.

Rank 3 up to CMS can be achieved at Local AAKA competitions. Please submit competition video and a certificate signed by the judge or event host verifying your results to your national AAKA representative for rank approval.

Rank 3 up to MSIC can be achieved at Regional, National, International AAKA or IUKL competitions. All results achieved at these prestigious events will be converted to official rank, accordingly, at the competition. No video submittal is necessary. 

Rank Pins will be mailed to the ranked athletes if they are not available on the day of the competition.

Due to the development of our new ranks for Women’s Double Kettlebells events, Men’s Single Kettlebell events, and Veterans category, all athletes competing in AAKA competitions starting on or after April 1, 2016 are eligible for rank retroactively. For example, if you compete in Men’s Single Kettlebell Long Cycle at an AAKA event before the official ranks are released, you can submit your video and results documentation for approval when the ranks are officially released.

Official AAKA National Records can only be achieved at Regional, National, International AAKA or IUKL competitions. 

Official World Records can only be achieved at International Competitions as approved by AAKA or IUKL.

Official National or World Records documentation will be mailed to athletes. 

We look forward to your success on the platform.

Yuri Petunov
President, American Kettlebell Alliance

If you have received rank at an official CKA/AKA/AAKA event and wish to receive an official Rank Certificate and Rank Pin

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